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The United Bobbesian Republic
The National Military Service

Protecting the UBR's Interests- Here and Abroad

The President is the chief of the military. He controls all functions of it. Also, appointments and resignations must go through the President.

There are five divisions in the NMS:

Bobbesian National Army (BNA)
Union Republic Navy (URN)
Grand Marine Corps (GMC)
Republican Air Force (RAF)
Royal Mounted Bicycle Corps (RMBC)

Each group is well equiped and well trained. They are prepared to fight if war is delcared or a conflict arises. The nation supports numerous peace-keeping efforts around the world and is willing to use it resources.

These divisions form the NMS. It is an optional choice whether or not to join the military. A person can choose which division they would like to enter. During times of conflict or war, when demand for service men and women is greater, a draft may be ordered in the President and the majority of the Parliament agree.

The second in command behind the President is the Lord General of the National Military Service. This is currently held by Eric Ludunk. He is appointed by the President and serves a five year term, and can be re-appointed as many times as possible. The Parliament approves the canidate when the President makes his choice.

The military protects our nation's interests from aggression and promotes peace in our time.

The Union Building