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Departments of the President
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Helping advance the mission of the UBR.

Welcome to the the official website of the President's Cabinet. Here you will find useful information for all of the offices and departments of the United Bobbesian Republic.

This website is to inform and educate the citizens and the curious of what we do in the President's offices. Unlike our main portal, this site gives more insight into the Presidential organization, and more information into the goals and ideas of each department within the Presidential Cabinet.

Look around and enjoy!

Information on the President

The first President of the United Bobbesian Republic was elected on November 12, 1997 and installed January 1, 1998. He was elected again in 2000. The President serves 3 year terms for as long as he remains popular.

President Christopher Donle was a member of the Assembly and later Prime Minister, leaving the post only to run for President. Today he works with various groups to promote national unity.

The President's Party, the New Democratic Party was created on October 15, 1996. For many years it was the leading group in the Coalition, a party that paved the way for the Reform of Government Act, which ended the monarchy and establish the UBR.

Since the work of the Coalition was completed, it was decided that the Party split up to create a democratic atmosphere. And since the Coaltion Split, the NDP has had the State Residence.

It is a liberal-democratic party. It is the party of the people and is determined to change the lives of all the citizens. With President Christopher Donle, we can accomplish that.

The State Residence at Government House