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United Republic of Bobbesia-Mondesia
The Parliament


The President
The Parliament
History and Information

The Legislative Branch of the URBM


The Senate is the upper house in Parliament.

We at the Senate are committed to serving the nation and protecting our national interests. Together with the President and the House of Common Representives, we will create a great nation for the future.

The Senate is the upper house in which the final say of bills occur. Every district, not every state, gets to have two Senators. They meet and select a Supreme Senator. He is the head of the Senate and works very closely with the Prime Minister and the President. However, the role is not very important. The current Supreme Senator is John Frily from the Northern Terriorities.

A new constitutional admendment has been added making the Supreme Senator, President of the Bobbesian Republic. As of July 1, 2002, President Christopher Donle will assume the role of Supreme Senator. This new position will help the President carry out the duties of his office.

Last Election Results:
New Democratic Party- 95 seats
National Freedom Party- 65 Seats                                                             Unity Party- 1 seat

Total-160 seats

The House of Common Representives, the lower house.

The lower house introduces bills to create laws and other rules for the nation. This chamber selects the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the majority party. The leader is currently being chosen by the National Freedom Party.

The House of Common Representives is based on population and is closely related to it's counterpart in the United Kingdom. There are times when the Official Opposition can question the Government on various issues effecting our nation.

Last Election Results:
National Freedom Party- 280 seats
New Democratic Party- 215 seats                                                              
Unity Party- 5 seats
Total- 500 seats

Parliament Hill, Jacksonvatta, URBM