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United Republic of Bobbesia-Mondesia


The President
The Parliament
History and Information

CitNet is the site for citizens to see whats going on inside the URBM.

CHANGES AHEAD WITH THE BTN: The Washburn Broadcasting System (WBS) and the Bobbesian Television Network (BTN) are discussing a plan to establish a single channel with many outlets. However, recently the talks have stalled, but they are scheduled to pick up again.

The UBRM Forums


Click RealPlayer to hear the Presidential Entrance Song

Lastest Pound-Dollar Exchange Rates
1 Amerada AmBuck= 2.50 BPD
1 Pacarian Pacar= 1.50 BPD
1 Cumquat Pound= 4.00 BPD
1 Tymaria Tymark= 2.00 BPD
1 CBGM Dollar (obsolete after 12/31/02)= 3.50 BPD