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The United Bobbesian Republic
The Cabinet

Advancing the Country

The National Advisor: This is the highest position in the Cabinet. Advisior Nicholas Hermans is always by the President's side and works with him on National Policy. He is the Chief of Staff for the President and is the second moderator to the Cabinet meetings among other secretaries in the Cabinet.

The State Department: This department advises the President on events and nations from around the world. Secretary Anthony DeMartin is trying very hard to work with the President and form diplomatic relations. In the last few weeks the Republic is making its way to the forefront of the micro-national forum. The State Department has applied to several organizations and will hopefully join them shortly.

Status of various mirco-nations:
Amerada- Favorite Nationa Status

The Defense Department: This department advises the President on military events. The Secretary, Jason Van Ander has been busy upgrading the military for the 21st century. The National Military Service provides citizens with a peace of mind and the confidence that the nation will be well protected in the events of a conflict, should just a problem arise with any other nation.

The Treasury Department: This department advises the President on the economy. Secretary Michael Masterson is hard at work trying to make sure the Pound-Dollar remains strogn for years to come. Our economy is a free, capitalist system with a National Stock Exchange. This institution will help create and ensure excessive surpluses for the Government and District authorities.

The Homeland Affairs Department: This department advises the President on events and occurances in the country. Secretary Richard Bootington is making sure everything in the country is stable. The Defense Department and the Homeland Affairs Department work very close to establish a National Security Policy (NSP). This will help our citizens rest eay that our borders and other institutions remain safe and secure.

The Department of Justice: This department is run by Attorney General Robert Marington. He makes sure the President understands and carries out the laws the way it is intended. With the new Supreme Court sitting, the Justice Department is reforming its policies and making sure that their acts justify the means.

The Commerce and Business Department: This department helps the economy and works very closely with the Treasury. The President deals with business leaders through it. Secretary Joseph Anderson is busy keeping this economy moving ahead. With the new partnership with the Treasury, the Commerce and Business Department's role will grow into a very influencial part of the Government.

The Colonial Office: This department ensures all overseas possessions are treated with the respect they deserve. The three islands in the Atlantic we have are under this jurisdiction. The Secretary, Mark Ari works hard to make sure the people on the islands have a say in government. This department is one of the oldest positions in the Government. It was used most notably during the Kingdom, when an Imperialist foreign policy was persuded. Today, it works to protect our colonies and overseas dependencies.

The Department of Transportation: This department makes sure everyone can get where they want to go. The Secretary Thomas O'Boyle is trying to find new ways to get people where they're going. With the National Transit System (NTS) up and running with more effort, the Secretary and his department is working now to solve the overcrowding problems on our busiest train and bus lines.

The Cabinet