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The United Bobbesian Republic
The Supreme Court

The Official Site of the Justices of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was established by an Act of the Assembly, June 19, 1987. The first Chief Justice was Charles Rothchild III. The President is the only person who can appoint the Chief Justice and the 6 other justices and the House of Common Representives is the only authority to remove them.

They rarely hear a case, relying on local courts and the Government to define the law. In recent months, the President has demanded that they hear more cases and become more vocal to the Government and to the nation.

In 2002 the Supreme Court will be modified to hear agruements that can not be settled in the local or Government courts.

A phasing out process will begin of the Government courts in late 2002. This will add to the Supreme Court's workload and add a new perspective on the laws of our varied nation.

All local and district courts will remain the same, just the high court will finally become the highest court in the land.

The Supreme Court