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United Republic of Bobbesia-Mondesia
History and Information


The President
The Parliament
History and Information

The Rich and Full History of the UBR

The United Bobbesian Republic was formally founded on June 15, 1987. It was renamed the Bobbesian Empire when Lord James O'Patterson crowned himself King. He created an Assembly which we get our Parliament today.

In 1992, the Coalition was created to put pressure on the King. In th election of that year, Christopher Donle was named Prime Minister. He quickly set out to abolish the monarchy and create a republic. King James decided to end the Assembly, and called for new elections. Again the Coalition was returned to power with a whopping 98%.

Seeing this, James realized he must end his grip on power. At the stroke of midnight on July 1, 1996, King James O'Patterson abdicated the throne. For one year the Government would be led by a Constitutional Council, until new elections for a bicameral Parliament and a Presidency were held.

The elections of 1997 were marked by triumph for the NDP and NFP. The New Democratic Party canidate, Christopher Donle won the Presidency and the New Freedom Party won the Preimership.

Today, not much has changed, but the fueding between the parties have ended. President Donle works hard with the Prime Minister, and will continue to lead this nation into an era of prosperity.

This would continue until earl 2002 when the UBR would fight a series of wars with South Mondesia and Amerada. Today the Government has set on a peaceful path but still takes sides in international disputes.

After the decay of the Union of South Mondesia in the spring of 2002, the UBR and Amerada took joint control of the nation. The UBR immediately set up the Commonwealth of Bernington and Greater Mondesia. This was created to pave its way for nationhood. However, the UBR and CBGM decided to merge into one nation, the United Republics of Bobbesia-Mondesia.

Other Information

There are 7states, the Nothern Terrorities, West Launsing, Southern Districts, Simtonia, Upper Mondesia, Lower Plains and the National Capital District: Jacksonvatta-Bernington.

The population is growing very fast and can not be counted at this time.

The National Transit System has been established to ease congestion in the cities and to connect citizens from all around the country.

The UBR carries all major American networks and has its own, the Bobbesian Television Network (BTN). There are three major papers the New York Daily News, the Jacksonvatta Times-Herald and the Bernington Telegraph.

Jacksonvatta, URBM- Capital of the Republic